Business details of Shin-Iwakuni factory

◆Cable processing for industrial machinery

◆Harness processing for machine tools

◆Control panel assembly/vending machine assembly

◆Electronic parts processing

●INFINITY delivers various custom harnesses including machinery,Industrial and others to our customers, which is totally different harnesses in the market. Our custom harnesses can save the installation time drastically that is required for large machines and tools settings. Our custom harnesses are unitized with wirings that based on the requirements from installer, guaranteed by our unique inspection system that performs perfect inspections. Many of our customers uses our products as a reliable assembly.

● We propose the use of harnesses for wiring between panels of ultra-large machines (Over 50m)wiring for multi-story parking lots, etc. Wiring that was originally done onsite is now being done entirely by harnesses.

● We provide high quality harnesses for usein harsh environments, such as waterproof oilproof earthquake-proof heat-resistant & robot cable wiring.