Business details of the main factory

Manufacturing various Electronic substrates, program development, system development, network services

Business content of the head office system development department

Sales of ICT education related equipment Installation work Maintenance management

Our ICT education-related equipment incorporates opinions from educational sites where classes are actually held.

◆Office supplies, office equipment sales, maintenance management

◆PC sales Manufacturing

◆Tablet electronic goods sales

◆OS version upgrade, data migration, backup service

◆Network server construction

◆Wi-Fi related solutions

◆Cloud PBX/extension network construction solution

◆Digital devices/landline telephone lines

◆Security network

   Example of introducing ICT teaching materials (certain private school)   

Using ultra short throw projector
Tablet usage class scene

Providing solutions that lead to corporate DX


Networking is a great source of new perspective ideas.

Exchange information about goals. Goals are one of the main benefits of building a network.

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